Town of Angelo Notice of Resolution for 911 Signs and Placement



Town of Angelo
Monroe County

Wisconsin Statues S59.54(4) establishes a rural name and numbering system for
the purpose of aiding in fire protection, emergency services and civil defense.
Real property owners shall be required to obtain rural addresses through the
county zoning department. The cost of the sign and the post will be the current
established price. The sign and post will be picked up from the Angelo Clerk and the
cost paid to the Town of Angelo. The real estate owner is responsible for installation.
The two sided flag sign should be placed near the private driveway and the public road so
it is visible for both directions. The sign needs to be carefully maintained. Multiple signs
may be necessary.
Signs on the public road should be placed a safe distance from the driveway and outside
of the right of way to avoid damage from large machinery and allow for road
maintenance. The sign at the public road should be on the post from the town.
Call Digger’s Hotline before you dig

Adopted this 14th day of February, 2023 by the town board of the Town of
Angelo, Monroe County, Wisconsin.

Chairperson ________________________________

Steve Treu

Supervisor _________________________________

James Leverich


Norb Brown

Mary Carlisle


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the town board of the Town of Angelo has
adopted a resolution to establish 911 signs and placement February 14, 2023 at the town
You are further notified that a copy of the resolution will be on file and open for
public inspection at the office of the town clerk .
The town clerk shall properly post or publish this resolution as required under s.
60.80, Wis. Stats.
Dated this 15th day of February , 2023.

Steve Treu, Town Chairperson

James Leverich, Supervisor 1
Norb Brown, Supervisor 2

Attest: ___________________________________
Mary Carlisle, Town Clerk-Treasurer