Election Day Voting

The next election will be held on November 3, 2020. 
As a registered voter, you may cast your ballot in  the Angelo Town Hall from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m
You will need to show your photo ID such as a driver’s license with the current address or Wisconsin ID.

If you have been a resident of the Town of Angelo for 28 days you may register in the Town Hall on election day and then vote.  You will need to show proof of your residence. This is documentation which includes your name and address. Examples include a bank statement, utility, cellphone, medical or insurance bill. Junk mail or mail from friends will not be accepted. 
We try to make in person voting as safe as we can.  In person voting is the best way to be sure your vote will be counted.
If  you have any questions please contact Mary Carlisle at 608-343-1126.