Town of Angelo

10196 State Highway 21

Sparta, WI 54656-6400





Rules for trash disposal are in place to better manage costs and labor associated with disposal center operation. Please help keep the disposal center open by following the rules. Use of the disposal center will be monitored. Violators will have their privileges revoked.  Thank you for your cooperation.


  • Trash must be in Angelo bags. No regular kitchen garbage or lawn bags are allowed.


  • Angelo bags are available at: Eddies – Hwy 21, The BP Station, and Kwik Trip on Hwy 16.


  • Large items which cannot fit into an Angelo bag can be put into the dumpster adjacent to the compacter.


Recycling: recycling dumpsters are located on the west end of the disposal center

  • NO OIL OF ANY KIND SHOULD BE PUT INTO THE RECYCLING DUMPSTER. Oil will contaminate the entire load and render the contents unrecyclable.


  • Plastics, aluminum, and cans must be clean and flattened.


  • Glass bottles should be clean and unbroken.


  • Corrugated cardboard should be clean and flattened. Paper should be clean. Both should be placed in the appropriately labelled dumpster (i.e., no greasy pizza boxes).


  • Put recyclables into the dumpster as is to reduce air pockets, which costs money due to unfilled space. Do not throw plastic shopping bags in with the recyclables.