Town of Angelo Town Board Meeting Minutes 7-12-2022

Town Board Meeting 7-12-2022

The Town Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Treu at 7:05 pm. in the Angelo Town Hall
on July 12, 2022. All board members were present.

Supervisor Brown suggested that reviewing the highway grant proposals be moved to the August

Blooming Ministry:
Brian Anderson has completed his work. Property looks good. When all of the bills for the cleanup
work are in, the amount needs to be docketed.

Crocker Property:
The lawyer suggested that the individuals living at the property be charged for the violation. Letters
will be sent when we know the correct names.

They have mowed just around the building, however the entire property is residential and should be
mowed. A letter needs to be sent.

Tucker Property:
There has been progress, but still a lot of work to do. A letter will be sent.

There are still tires to be removed.

Mobile Home Park.
Representatives from the mobile home park were present and discussed the work done and what will be
completed. The Town has rules and expectations and so does the park. Park residents need to follow
the park rules if they are more strict The Board expressed appreciation for the work done. Copies of
our grass and trash ordinances will be mailed to them. Supervisor Brown moved to approve the park
licenses. Second by Supervisor Leverich, motion carried.

Disposal Center:
Most people are understanding and following the new expectations. Frank wanted more gravel around
the back dumpster. Supervisor Leverich moved to give Frank the bonus. Second by Supervisor Brown,
motion carried. Frank would like the board to consider a new mower.

Supervisor Brown moved to approve the bid to pave the area over the installed culvert on Gardener.
Second by Chairman Treu, motion carried. The county will also be asked to put the approved speed
bump on Harness.

Supervisor Leverich moved to approve the bills before the board. Second by Supervisor Brown,
motion carried.

Luke Schmitz would like to have an active part in the work done on his property.

Ernie Jahn would like to move his driveway to help with the problem there.
(608-269-2009) The County does our road work, so they will need to approve plans.

Supervisor Leverich moved to adjourn at 8:10. Second by Supervisor Brown.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Carlisle
Clerk- Treasurer

July 2022

7875 Frank Lamb 538.40
7876 Mary Carlisle 923.50
7877 Modern Disposal Systems 2,247.00
7878 Sparta Schools- mo ho park 45.87
7879 U.S. Treasury- 2 qtr 2,110.35
7880 Bureau Of Correctional Enterprises 52.00
7881 Monroe County -MFL 48.18
7882 B. Anderson- Disposal Center 592.65
7883 Frank Lamb- supplies 22.00
7884 Kobernick Pumping 100.00
7885 Monroe County Herald 19.75
7886 Norb Brown – Magnetic pickup 110.52
Debit Oakdale Electric Coop 37.58
Debit WE Energies 9.57
Debit Xcel Energy 237.90
TOTAL 7,095.27