Town of Angelo Town Board Meeting Minutes 5-14-2024


Town Board Meeting Minutes


The Town Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Leverich at 7:00 pm. in the Angelo Town
Hall on May 14, 2024. All board members were present.

Supervisor Geier moved to accept the minutes of the April 16, 2024 meeting as found on the website.
Second by Supervisor Brown, motion carried.

Ordinance Issues:
Tucker- Supervisor Brown reported that Mr. Tucker came and removed a trailer from his
property. Supervisor Brown was able to email Mr. Tucker pictures of his property. Mr. Tucker has
hired a lawyer and given Mr. Exline 28 days to pay what is owed or get out.
Stelter is taken off this list.

Evans- The lawn ordinance has given the town the ability to maintain the property and place the
costs on his taxes. HDS will mow the property and bill the town. Town will consider the
administration charges to be applied.

Kuderer/ Williams property is now in compliance.

Devin Hahn on Lot #6 will need the clerk to send a letter with the ordinance regarding the junk
on this property.

Lot #5 Amanda Williams has 4 unlicensed vehicles. The clerk will send a letter. If nothing is done by the next month, the lawyer will be contacted.

Mobile Home Park is alright……better.

There are no problems currently at the disposal center. Frank asked to have a couple loads of gravel
near the recycle dumpster. Supervisor Geier moved to have Frank call B. Anderson for the needed
gravel. Second by Supervisor Brown, motion carried.

Road Maintenance:
Scott Construction was doing work on Janus and asked about the agreement with the Town of
Wells. The agreement was discussed and would be made clear to Kevin with Scott Construction.

There needs to be a Class B sign at Janus and Highway 71.

Greg Selbrede damaged a portion of the road near Kastberg’s farm. He will repair the damage.

Supervisor Geier moved to approve the changes to Ordinance 97-12-9-24 and adopt the
ordinance. Second by Supervisor Brown, motion carried.

Supervisor Brown moved to approve the revised Ordinance 12-24-4. Second by Supervisor
Geier; motion carried.

The Crocker Property has garbage bags in trailers. If it gets worse, more action would be taken. The
property is still working through probate. It should be sold this summer.

Bollig and Klos properties are problems.

The Nuisances Committee consists of Norb Brown, Kate
Downing,and Jim Slawson. They will investigate a complaint by a town resident and report to the

A letter should be sent to Dawn Ducharme regarding the scrap metal in the open along with the

Supervisor Geier moved to approve the bills before the board. Second by Supervisor Brown, motion

Supervisor Geier moved to adjourn at 7:44. Second by Supervisor Geier.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Carlisle

May 14, 2024

8217 Frank Lamb 672.30
8218 Mary Carlisle 923.50
8219 Modern Disposal Systems 1,192.40
8220 Sparta Schools- mo ho park 27.41
8221 Monroe Highway Dept 12,571.81
8222 Jamesson Services ` 30.00
8223 Monroe County Clerk – WISVote 600.00
8224 HDS Lawn Service – Hall 38.50
8225 HDS Lawn Service – Evans 400.00
8226 Arnolds – fire Extinguisher 8.25
8227 Norb Brown – mileage 14.74
8228 Sullivan Building Insp 1,142.04
8229 Mary Carlisle – Supplies 111.26
8230 Bureau of Correctional Enterprises 18.00
Debit Excel Energy 203.91
Debit Oakdale Electric Coop 51.00
Debit WE Energies 50.77
TOTAL 18,055.89