Town of Angelo Town Board Meeting Minutes 10-10-2023

Town of Angelo

Town Board Meeting 10-10-2023

The Town Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Leverich at 7:00 pm. in the Angelo Town
Hall on October 10, 2023. All board members were present.

Supervisor Brown moved to approve the minutes from the September 9, 2023, meeting. Second by
Supervisor Geier, motion carried.

Tiffany Giesler, from the Health Department, presented the findings from the 6 well tests. There were
no concerns. Only two had a slight trace of the PFAS. That may have resulted from the water taken
from the tap . There were questions regarding the levels in the pond and Silver Creek. Perhaps testing
again in a few years would be wise. The County will be working with Fort McCoy. Other factors will
affect the concentration of PFAS. It is important to stop the burning of plastic.

Supervisor Brown moved to approve the Class B Liquor license for Havenwood Event Center. Second
by Supervisor Geier, motion carried.

Blooming Ministry; Sale should close on October 12, 2023.

Collins: The court awarded expenses. The $200 fne could not be put on the tax roll. And, if not
paid, collected another way.

Crocker Property: The abatement costs were delivered to the lawyer working on probate.

Stelter: One less vehicle

Bolling: Little activity.

Highway 16 property: Issues remain, but it looks better and the neighbors are happy.

Evans: Alter Credit Union is the contact. They don’t have his address. Supervisor Brown will
discuss with the lawyer about getting a right to maintain the lawn. Supervisor Brown will contact Mike
Jamason about locating Evans and working with the town.

Mobile Home Park: They have arranged for the removal the dead trees. Grass has been
cut…progress is being made.

Kuderer: A letter was to be sent to the owner and the renter regarding trash and vehicles. There
seems to be progress.

Tucker: The land manager is Robert Exline. The bulk of the mess is his. Hopefully we can
work the fine process. A procedure for ordinance violation needs to be clearly stated. It is possible to put a lien on a property.

A flyer with recycling instructions needs to go out with the tax letter and be available at the disposal
center. Moe Amundson and Janet Evans are working on updating the flyer. Supervisor Brown moved
to accept the updated flyer. Second by Supervisor Geier, motion carried.

Steve Treu could set up a security system at the Disposal Center with a cost of about $400. Proof is
required for the sheriff.

Eddies charges sales tax for bags. Supervisor Brown will discuss the issue
with them.

GPS and Elliot from Zoning and Sanitation need to be used on the Warner property to determine the
location of the well to see if it conforms to our ordinances.

The Chair has the authority to sign the annotated Lemonwire plans. (Crossing out the portion involving
diggers hot line.) All ditching should be paid by them before work begins. No word from them.

Gerke’s have been using Impala which is a Class B road. Supervisor Brown will call Dave at the
County. The Driver could be charged.

Ernie Jahn will be asked if he would be able to wash the exterior of the Town Hall.

There is concern about regulating storage containers.

Supervisor Brown moved to approve the bills before the board. Second by Supervisor Geier, motion

Supervisor Brown moved to adjourn at 8:40. Second by Supervisor Geier.
Annual Budget Meeting is November 14,2023 beginning at 7:00 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Carlisle

October 10, 2023

8112 Frank Lamb 849.62
8113 Mary Carlisle 923.50
8114 Modern Disposal Systems 1,589.07
8115 Sparta Schools- mo ho park 54.81
8116 Mary Carlisle – supplies 85.28
8117 US Treasury – 941 683.60
8118 James DeWitt 116.36
8119 David Geier – cleared tree on Janus 60.00
8120 Norb Brown – mileage 101.92
8121 Sullivan Building Insp 820.68
Debit WE Energies 9.90
Debit Xcel Energy 198.95
Debit Oakdale Electric Coop 42.00
TOTAL 5,535.69