Town of Angelo Town Board Meeting 2-14-23

Town of Angelo

Town Board Meeting 2-14-2023


The Town Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Treu at 7:00 pm. in the Angelo Town Hall
on February 14, 2023.

All board members were present with Supervisor Leverich participating by

There is a concern about the wells surrounding the Angelo pond due to the contamination of the pond
with PFA from Fort McCoy. The Board does not want to wait while the Fort studies the matter. The
Clerk was asked to send out a letter to the residents around the pond and ask if they have a sandpoint
well. The Board would then like to get those wells tested. The possibilities to cover the cost was
discussed. Chris Hanson might be able to help direct us to a source in the Fort. Also the ARPA funds
might be used.

Wilber Filter ( 608-487-2916) explained the problems in his home after the city repaired a manhole
across across from his house. The Town and the City had an agreement which allowed the city to cross
the town road for the sewer system. The city would maintain the section of the road. The city hired
Gerke to do the repairs, but did not inform the Town of Angelo. The chairman will speak to the city.
Insurance from the city or Gerke should cover the cost of the needed repairs to the Filter home.

Ordinance Issues:
Crocker: ServPro came in and cleaned up a portion of the mess. Drugs were a problem and
needles were everywhere and hard to clean up. David Crocker paid Arnold’s to claim the items
removed from the property. Two vehicles were returned to the site which means they are in violation
again. They will be sent a 30 day letter by the town as the next step.
The trailer is empty and condemned. The children are gone. The county did step in. Drugs in the area
are a concern.

Collins: The court date will be determined.

Tucker: He has a land manager, Ray Exline. He did clean up a lot of the front of the
properties. During the winter he is working on the inside of one of the houses. In April, after the cold
and snow, he will cleanup the rest of the property. The Chairman asked that the clerk would do a
memorandum of record.

Bollig: The clerk sent him a 30 day letter. His property should be checked on before the
March meeting.

Fees for violation of the ordinance need to be updated. The clerk will contact the Towns Association
Lawyer and ask if each ordinance needs to be updated or if there is a way to do a blanket update.
This issue will be on the March agenda. It will be necessary to develop a fee schedule to ensure
consistency, decide who determines the fine and justify the rule due to the costs involved. Collection
may be slow.

An extensive report for the recycling program was issued to the towns. The information we have is the
same as MDS has. We have do not have the information to complete this form.

The bonus for Frank is a personel matter and will be done in closed session in March.

The Warner property never had a driveway permit issued. It is questionable as whether the landfill
ordinances are known by the surrounding owners. Wells, septic systems had to be issued by the

The Lawyer will study the use of village powers. The board has not heard from him,

Supervisor Brown moved to accept the resolution on the 911 policy. Second by Supervisor Leverich,
motion carried.

The road tour will be in early March.

The audit was approved by Supervisor Brown, second by Supervisor Leverich, motion carried.

Supervisor Brown moved to approve the bills presented before the board. Second by Supervisor
Leverich, motion carried.

Supervisor Brown will handle the trash bag thrown in the recycle bin.

Supervisor Brown moved to adjourn at 8:13. Second by Chairman Treu.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Carlisle


February 2023

7977 Frank Lamb 504.23
7978 Void
7979 Mary Carlisle 923.50
7980 Modern Disposal Systems 1,789.30
7981 Sparta Schools- mo ho park 54.81
7982 Carmichael & Quartemont ` 156.00
7983 Carmichael & Quartemont 78.00
7984 Monroe County 188,450.01
7985 Sparta Area Schools 260,048.74
7986 WTC 39,645.68
7987 Monroe County Envelopes 40.25
7988 Sullivan Building Insp 1,184.00
7989 Erv’s Sparta Area Fire District 18,201.00
7990 Mary Carlisle – supplies & stamps 94.53
7991 Zac & Nikki Culpitt- tax overpay 204.83
7992 Jeanette Wright – tax overpay 4.00
7993 Monroe County ICE Licence 228.00
7994 Arnold’s Service and Towing 562.50
7995 Norb Brown – Crocker 170.79
7996 Norb Brown – Mileage 21.06
7997 D & C Kenworthy – tax overpay 204.83
7998 Command Central 41.45
Command Central 410.00
Debit Excel Energy 221.05
Debit Oakdale Electric Coop 97.00
Debit WE Energies 162.93
TOTAL 513,498.49