Town of Angelo Minutes for Budget and Town Board Meetings 11-14-2023

Budget Hearing
November 14, 2023
7:00 p.m.

The Town of Angelo met Tuesday, November 14, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. at the town hall for the
purpose of holding the Budget Hearing and Special Town Meeting for 2023. Chairman Leverich
was the only board member absent. Five residents were also present.
The proposed budget was presented and discussed.
Special Town Meeting

Moe Amundson moved to approve the levy of $91,227. Second by Gary Peterson, motion
Moe Amundson moved to adjourn at 7:27. Second by Ernie Jahn.


Town Board Meeting

The Town board met at 7:27 on November 14, 2023 in the Town Hall. Chairman Leverich was
the only board member absent.

Supervisor Geier moved to approve the minutes of the October board meeting. Second by.
Supervisor Brown, motion carried.

Supervisor Geier moved to accept the budget approved at the special town budget meeting.
Second by Supervisor Brown, motion carried.

Impala Avenue has been used as a detour while the city repairs John Street. It has been an
informal detour, so no one is accountable for the damage to the road. Impala is only 18 feet
wide. Residents feel it causes traffic to slow down, so there is no encouragement to widen the

The snow mobile trail should be placed on the December agenda.

The train crossing at Fort McCoy should be on the December agendas well as the work Oakdale
plans to do.

Supervisor Geier moved to approve the lawyer fees for letters to Kuderer/Williams and Tucker
/Exline. The board feels that the fees should go to the resident causing the problems. Second by
Supervisor Brown. Motion carried.

The concerns continue at the trailer park. Supervisor Geier’s calls are not returned. The clerk
will send a certified letter explaining the expectations. The next step will be by our lawyer.

Supervisor Brown discussed the Warner property concerns with the sanitation department. The well is 315 feet from the property line. The property would not be buildable. The property
is in a trust. Frank Lamb will ask about their lawyer.

Mike Jamesson will do work for the town.

Supervisor Brown will make sign for the Disposal Center. Oil will spoil an entire load.

Supervisor Brown moved to approve Van Tassel to do work at the Disposal Center. Second by
Supervisor Geier, motion carried.

Shipping containers should be placed on the December agenda. Perhaps it could be added to the
junk ordinance.

Motion by Supervisor Geier to approve the bills for payment as presented before the board.
Second by Supervisor Brown, motion carried.

Supervisor Brown moved to adjourn at 8:28. Second by Supervisor Geier, motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Carlisle

November 14, 2023

8122 J.O'S Professional Exterior Clean 462.50
8123 Frank Lamb 650.14
8124 Mary Carlisle 923.50
8125 Modern Disposal Systems 2,977.95
8126 Sparta Schools- mo ho park 54.81
8127 Mary Carlisle – supplies 140.10
8128 Monroe Co. Highway Department 9,882.46
8129 Carmichael & Quartemont- Bloom Min 91.00
8130 Carmichael & Quartemont -Crocker 130.00
8131 Carmichael & Quartemont – Collins 884.00
8132 Carmichael & Quartemont – Collins 52.00
8133 void Norb Brown – mileage
8134 USPS – tax bills
8135 Sullivan Building Inspection 722.50
8136 Command Central 235.00
Debit WE Energies 20.36
Debit Xcel Energy 193.00
Debit Oakdale Electric Coop 44.00
TOTAL 17,463.32