Town of Angelo Board Meeting Minutes 5-9-2023

Town of Angelo

Town Board Meeting 5-9-2023

The Town Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Leverich at 7:45 pm. in the Angelo Town
Hall on May 9, 2023. All board members were present.

An open meeting by Monroe County on the plans to deal with the PFAS issue was held beginning at
7pm. The County will fund the testing of 6 wells in the Angelo area to determine the possible well
contamination. Angelo will select wells from different areas and different depths. The results will
determine the next steps.

The minutes from the April 18, 2023, meeting was read with no corrections.

The board will work with the DNR and the County to select the wells to be tested.

Hunter Young appeared before the board for approval of a 40-foot-wide driveway. He has purchased
two 20-foot 12-inch dual poly culverts with a coupler. The area is fairly level. The Board felt that the
county would be able to better evaluate the necessary diameter of the culvert. Supervisor Geier will
discuss the issue with the county and get back to Mr. Young,

Luke Schmitz appeared before the board to discuss the water issues affecting his farm and the town
road. Mr. Schmitz would like to have board approval to install a culvert across the south side of Janus
at his expense. There would be no cost to the Town. His problems and plans were discussed.
Supervisor Brown moved to accept his plans for the culvert with a written statement from the neighbors
approving of this plan. There would be no cost to the town and he would work with Supervisor Geier.
Second by Superior Geier, motion carried.

Rumors of a possible sands mine on the Kermine property is a concern to many in the town, the Clerk
has written to the Kermine agent informing them of the town ordinance on sand mines. A copy of the
ordinance was included. The clerk has called someone from the organization regarding their 911 sign
which is ready for pick up. If it is a sand mine, the DNR would require air and stormwater permits.

The Ron Warner property is in the area near the Disposal Center that forbids homes. The clerk is asked
to send a letter to the family with copies of the ordinances.

Ordinance Issues:
Crocker: There are still unlicensed vehicles and trash, fines should be issued.
Collins: There is no court date yet.
Tucker: The land manager has not been doing is job. They planned to clean up the property
when the weather permits. Supervisor Brown will call Mr. Tucker.
Bollig: Scrap metal has again accumulated.

Road Maintenance:
No cost estimates from the county as yet.
Supervisor Brown moved to go ahead with Scott Construction on the following plans:

Havenwood – $50,000

Goodwater – $50,000
Hilltop – $35,00
Inland – fix the low spot -$10,000.
Infield – $11,00
Second by Supervise Geier, motion carried.

Supervisor Brown moved to appoint Steve Treu to the fire board. Second by Supervisor Geier, motion

Fiber optic on Hardwood should be dug deep enough.

Supervisor Geier moved to approve the bills as presented before the board. Second by Supervisor
Brown, motion carried.

Supervisor Geier moved to adjourn at 8:37, second by Supervisor Brown.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Carlisle

May 9, 2023

8043 Frank Lamb- March 562.41
8044 Frank Lamb – April 730.49
8045 James Dewitt 38.79
8046 Mary Carlisle 923.50
8047 Modern Disposal Systems 2,070.60
8048 Sparta Schools- mo ho park 54.81
8049 Carmichael & Quartemont 52.00
8050 Carmichael & Quartemont ` 117.90
8051 Monrore Highway Dept 11,423.41
8052 Monroe County Clerk – WISVote 600.00
8053 Engelson And Assoc 5,500.00
8054 Sullivan Building Insp 1,574.97
8055 Town of Adrian – refund 25.29
8056 Steve Treu – lost check 3,694.00
Debit Excel Energy 201.68
Debit Oakdale Electric Coop 47.00
Debit WE Energies 49.61
TOTAL 27,666.46