August 2020

Town Board Meeting 8-11-2020

:The Town Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Treu at 7:00 the Angelo Town Hall on August 11, 2020. All Board members were present..

The minutes of the July 14, 2020 meeting were read with no objections.

More Clean up is necessary at the Disposal Center. Another dumpster, possibly two, are needed.
Supervisor Brown moved to approve Frank Lamb to assist in the clean up process. Second by Supervisor Leverich, motion carried.

The board did not approve the bonus for Jeff for this month.

Janet Evans presented the proposal for the website by Superior Lighthouse ( attached).
Supervisor Brown moved to accept the proposal without the email option. Second by Supervisor Leverich, motion carried.

Chairman Treu moved to approve the Jewell bill for staking the culvert. Second by Supervisor Leverich, motion carried.

The board will meet with a possible Town Lawyer on August 13, at 9 a.m. At Carmichael and Quartermont at 916 Oak Street, Tomah.
Items for discussion:
Streeter property sale
Ordinance review
elimination of old, updating, cost and fines.
Representation in court if necessary
bids vs. proposals

Speed limit signs need to be posted in the village.

The Chairman and Supervisor Brown will meet with the clerk and Moe Amundson to discuss a booth for the poll workers that can also be dissembled to be stored.

Supervisor Brown moved to charge those needing a 911 sign on private property $35 for the sign and the post which the resident would install themselves. Or $85 for the sign installed.

Supervisor Leverich moved to pay the bills presented before the Board. Second by Supervisor Brown, motion carried.

Supervisor Leverich moved to adjourn at 8:08. Second by Supervisor Brown, motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Carlisle


Approval of Bills for Payment
7528 Jeff McGinnis 416.50
7529 Mary Carlisle 923.50
7530 Modern Disposal Systems 2,550.45
7531 Sparta Area Schools 51.76
7532 Sullivan Building Inspections 700.28
7533 Oakdale Electric Cooperative 43.68
7534 Bureau of Correctional Enterprises 17.00
7535 Erv’s Sparta Area Fire Dept 14,593.00
7536 Erv’s Sparta Area Fire Dept 3,544.98
Debt WE Energies 11.29
Debt Xcel Energy 172.04
7537 Jewell 327.00