Town of Angelo Town Board Meeting Minutes 10-11-2022

Town of Angelo

Town Board Meeting Minutes 10-11–2022

The Town Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Treu at 7:00 pm. in the Angelo Town Hall
on October 11,2022. All board members were present.

The minutes for September 13, 2022 were approved as reviewed and posted on the town website.

The 911 sign policy should be on the November agenda.

The policy for culverts needs to be updated and will be on the November agenda. The current policy
calls for 18 inch culvert for every driveway. The home owner could put in a used culvert. The Town
would replace culverts when needed. Not every driveway requires an 18 inch culvert, It could require
one smaller, larger or none at all depending on the situation. The question of who replaces a failed
culvert needs to be addressed at the Annual Town Meeting. The driveway permit may then need to be
changed to reflect the needed culvert size.

Gardener was paved. The work was not completed as requested. Brian Anderson completed the work on
Janus and Inspiration. His cost was less than his bid. More work is required on Janus.

Ian: There has not been much progress made. They feel they are making progress but it is difficult to
go through and empty the old trailer. The lawyer will be contacted as they wish to extend the time
beyond the 30 days in the letter.

Crocker Property:
A zoom court date will be held on November 3. Hopefully we will get a writ to clean up the property.
ServPro would do that work. A patrol officer might be required.

Tucker Property:
The lawyer sent a letter to both owners.

There are still tires to be removed. No progress.

The Ordinance 101 will be on the November agenda. Lawyer Quartemont reviewed it and suggested
changes that would make the penalties apply to the landowner who allow the tenant to violate the
The addendum would be; 101 – revised.
Addendum -1-
Section 3 – PERMIT REQUIRED: Except as expressly permitted in Section 4, below, no individual ,
corporation, or municipality shall permit or allow a tenant or other permissive occupant to dump or
dispose of waste, garbage, refuse or sludge upon property owned by said individual, corporation, or
municipality within the Town of Angelo, unless a permit to engage in such dumping or disposal is first
obtained from the Town of Angelo under the conditions prescribed herein.
The addendum should be created, signed in November and posted. The lawyer felt the penalty phase
was all right. Each day is an offense.

Supervisor Brown moved to allow the Clerk-Treasurer to spend up to $250 on necessary items without
the approval of the chair. Second by Supervisor Leverich, motion carried.

Supervisor Leverich moved to pay Ernie Jahn for his work done without board approval with the
understanding that this will not set precedence. Board approval is necessary, Second by Supervisor
Brown, motion carried.

Supervisor Leverich moved to approve the bills before the board. Second by Supervisor Brown,
motion carried.

The Budget and Town Meeting is moved to the 15th of November as the 8th is the election.

Ordinance 101 and the one on the property next to the the disposal center should be on the website.

The Warner property needs mowing and a letter should be sent to the owners. Frank or Jim could be
hired to do that.

Supervisor Leverich moved to adjourn at 8:28. Second by Supervisor Brown.

October 2022

7917 Frank Lamb 562.41
7918 Mary Carlisle 923.50
7919 Modern Disposal Systems 1,428.75
7920 Sparta Schools- mo ho park 45.87
721 US Treasury-941 779.30
7922 Mary Carlisle- Printer 94.00
7923 Carmichael & Quartemont 1,081.45
7924 James DeWitt 129.29
7925 Larson Packaging 3,017.78
7926 Sullivan Building Insp 1,478.22
7927 Bureau Of Correctional Enterprises 231.00
7928 B. Anderson Excavatng 8,760.80
7929 Norb Brown – mileage 63.77
7930 Ernest Jahn – ditch work 300.00
7931 Monroe County Herald 19.40
Debit Oakdale Electric Coop 41.75
Debit WE Energies 9.90
Debit Xcel Energy 254.34
TOTAL 19,221.53

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Carlisle
Clerk- Treasurer