Town Board Meeting                                            8-10-2021


The Town Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Treu at 7:00 pm. in the Angelo Town Hall on August 10, 2021. All Board members were present.


The minutes of the July 13, 2021 were read with no objections.


Trash and waste on property is of great concern to residents.  10 residents living near 18261 Infield were present to urge that something be done to have the property cleaned up.  The Town Board stopped at the property on July 20, 2021, and delivered a notice to the renter of the property that clean up should be completed in 30 days.  The Board plans to meet with the lawyer on August 24, 2021, if possible, to discuss problem issues.  That property would be included in the discussion if the work has not been completed.  The phone number and address of the owner was given to the Board so that they would be able to speak to her.


The rain fall has made it difficult for the county to complete the necessary road repairs.  The Board has requested the repair of the damaged road railing.  Infield and Inspiration roads will need repairs, ditching and culvert work.  Harness Road has water issues.  The retention pond is currently not effective.  We may need to work with the city, county and DNR to resolve the problem.


We need to make changes to the Disposal Center and how our waste is handled.  The disposal committee has offered options.  The Budget meeting in November is a meeting of the residents and a decision can be made at that time.


There is no interest in a liquor license currently.


Supervisor Brown moved to approve the bonus for Jeff. Second by Supervision Leverich, motion carried.  The handling of brush needs to be considered.


The training for the new voting machine will take place on August 12th.  The old machines will be turned in and the new will be issued.  An opportunity for residents to familiarize themselves with the new machine will be scheduled.  It will be listed in the letter going out with the taxes.


Travis Brooks has prepared his subdivision road to be taken over by the Town.  A standard to adopt a road needs to be developed.  The Town lawyer and the Towns Association have been asked for advice.  Property owners need to be aware that damage done to the road especially during the build would be their responsibility.


The roof needs to be replaced on the town hall. Quotes will be requested.

Supervisor Brown moved to adjourn at 9:00 p.m.  Second by Supervisor Leverich.  Motion carried

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Carlisle






Approval of bills for payment          


7692 Jeff McGinnis –wages 375.87
7693 Mary Carlisle – salary 923.50
7694 Modern Disposal 2,518.53
7695 Sparta Schools – mo. hm. park fee 43.15
7696 Erv’s Sparta Area Fire Dept 12,072.11
7697 Monroe County Hwy Dept 196.65
7698 Rural Mutual Insurance -audit 1.00
7699 Engelson & Assoc 1,700.00
7700 Carmichael & Quartemont 681.80
7701 US Treasury – 2nd Qrt 1,946.01
7702 Frank Lamb 111.75
Debit  Xcel Energy – hall electric/street lights 175.92
Debit Oakdale Electric 43.53
Debit WE Energies- hall 10.97