Town of Angelo Board Meeting 7-13-2021

The Town Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Treu at 7:00 the Angelo
Town Hall on July 13, 2021. All Board members were present.

The minutes of the June 8, 2021 were read with no objections.

Chris Hanson discussed the results of the disposal committee meeting. The minutes are attached.
There are a number of options presented. A meeting of the Town residents is necessary to make
some of the options presented happen. Supervisor Brown moved to eliminate all bags in the recycle dumpster and have a covered
dumpster for cardboard. Second by Supervisor Leverich, motion carried.
The education of the residents is necessary as changes are expected at the Disposal Center. A
video on the website explaining the recycling requirements could be posted. Signage at the
center will be necessary. Additional volunteers to direct the residents would be helpful at first.
A meeting of the Board and Disposal Committee members at the Disposal Center will be posted.
The County will be contacted regarding the standing water at the center. More gravel is
necessary. Placement of the dumpsters needs to be decided.
The Chairman reminded the committee that they should be paid for their work. Chris Hanson
donated his back to the Town. Any costs that would be added to the taxes must be passed by a
Town meeting of the residents.

Supervisor Leverich moved to approve the request by Josh Schams, of Club Oasis, for his
Summer Bash the end of July. There have been no problems and he asked for no changes.
Second by Supervisor Brown, motion carried.

The Board felt it needed clarification on the class B licenses the Town holds and the
requirements for those licenses. The concern for the Town and Havenwood Event Center is that
we do everything correctly. The Chairmen and Mr. Stetzer have not gotten the same
information from the state.
Supervisor Brown moved to approve the beer license for the Havenwood Event Center. Second
by Supervisor Leverich, motion carried.

Supervisor Leverich moved to approve the bonus for Jeff. Second by Supervision Brown, motion

The training for the new voting machine will take place on August 12th. The old machines will
be turned in and the new will be issued. An opportunity for residents to familiarize themselves
with the new machine will be scheduled.

Half of the Local Fiscal Recovery Fund gaunt has been deposited in our account. We have three
years to spend it.

The roof needs to be replaced on the town hall. Supervision Brown moved to moved forward on
the replacement. Second by Chairman Treu.

Supervisor Brown moved to adjourn at 8.25. Second by Chairman Treu. Motion carried

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Carlisle

Approval of bills for payment

7692 Jeff McGinnis –wages 375.87
7693 Mary Carlisle – salary 923.50
7694 Modern Disposal 2,518.53
7695 Sparta Schools – mo. hm. park fee 43.15
7696 Erv’s Sparta Area Fire Dept 12,072.11
7697 Monroe County Hwy Dept 196.65
7698 Rural Mutual Insurance -audit 1.00
7699 Engelson & Assoc 1,700.00
7700 Carmichael & Quartemont 681.80
7701 US Treasury – 2nd Qrt 1,946.01
7702 Frank Lamb 111.75
Debit Xcel Energy – hall electric/street lights 175.92
Debit Oakdale Electric 43.53
Debit WE Energies- hall 10.97


Angelo Disposal Center Committee
8 July 21
6 p.m. – 7:05 p.m.

Christopher Hanson, Chair – present
Mo Amundson – present
Gary Peterson – present
Ernest Jahn – absent (vacation)

Also present were Angelo residents:
Howard and Dorothy Sanborn

Meeting called to order at 6 p.m.

Hanson welcomed the committee members and local residents Howard and Dorothy
Sanborn to the meeting.

Town Board has asked the committee to review the Angelo Disposal Center operations
and make recommendations to address issues and reduce expenses.
1. Disposal Center is losing money for the township
2. Recycling program inefficient and losing money. Current costs are $100 per pull
(pick up from the disposal center) plus a $15 per-ton surcharge. A large portion of
Angelo residents are not following Monroe County recycling guidelines and there
is too much garbage put in recycling dumpster.
3. Many residents are not purchasing the brown Angelo bags – each bag in the
dumpster that isn’t a brown Angelo bag is a net loss of approximately $3 each.
(Loss of the bag revenue plus the cost of the average weight)
4. Violators of township policy are not being held accountable – no clear
enforcement mechanism
5. Large item dumpster fills quickly and costs $100 each pull, plus weight.
Discussion and potential solutions – After discussions with Sparta, Adrian Townships
and Jake Martell at Modern Disposal Solutions, following solutions were discussed to
address these issues.
1. Reduce “air” in recycling dumpster. Several ways to do this:
a. Bring in a cardboard dumpster – $100 a pull. Dumpster could have
smaller slots, forcing residents to break down cardboard.
b. Prohibit recycling in clear plastic bags. Many of the bags have garbage
shoved in with the recyclables. This causes the whole bag to be thrown
in the trash, costing the township.
c. Enforce residents crushing plastic bottles/cans
2. Wal-Mart/plastic shopping bags should be taken directly to Wal-Mart. They
cause the machines to bind at MDS.
3. Review the usefulness of purchasing bags vs. resident permit stickers
4. Cardboard Recycling Dumpster would cost $100 per pull (likely one time a
month), yet save space in the recycling dumpster. MDS estimates separating the
cardboard from the current dumpster will save at least 1/3 space alone, reducing
the number of times the main recycling dumpster is pulled, more than making up
for the monthly pull charge for cardboard.
5. Find a way to reduce the added strain of those residents not currently following
the brown Angelo bag requirement.
After lengthy discussion on all topics, and receiving input from Mr. and Ms. Sanborn, the
committee makes the following recommendations:

Recommendations from the Committee to the Board
1. Do away with the requirement of paid brown Angelo bags and assess an annual
disposal center fee on the tax bill to every property in the Angelo Township.
Based on 492 properties
a. $50 annual fee = $24,600
b. $75 annual fee = $36,900 (Recommended if maintaining large item dumpster)
In addition, the Town Board would have to determine how to fairly charge the
mobile home park residents. How do we charge the 17 potential residences in
the park?
2. Prohibit clear plastic bags in recycling dumpster. All recyclables should be loose.
This will help two ways: prevent/reduce hidden trash in bags, and fill air-spaces
currently wasted in dumpster between bags.
This can be implemented as soon as the board would like. Residents will need to
dump recyclables into dumpster and discard clear plastic bags in bin set to the
side of the recycling dumpster.
3. Clear signage purchased and displayed outlining what is recyclable. Everything
else goes in dumpster.
4. Rent cardboard recycling dumpster for $100 a pull. (Bid attached.)
5. Separate aluminum can collection with proceeds going back toward the township
to offset costs of disposal center. Disposal Center Committee to research
aluminum pick-up options.
6. Monroe County Sheriff’s Department ticket violators as trespassing on township

Submitted by Chris Hanson.